1. Please go to the website album where your photos are located. Make sure you are in the photo album on the thumbnail page. Click on the SELECT PHOTOS button at the top of the page. 

select photosselect photos

2. Click on the bottom left of each photo you want to download, giving it a checkmark in the circle.

select checkselect check

3. After you've given a checkmark to each photo you want to download, click on the BUY button at the top of the page. You will then choose DOWNLOADS in the categories shop.


4. You will click ADD to add the downloads to your cart.



5. You will then go to your cart and you will see a big $$ total (depending on how many photos you chose). Don't worry, you've already paid for these. 

6. Continue through the cart checkout process until you reach the COUPON CODE area. Once you apply the coupon code you were given in your email, it should bring your total to $0. 



6. Once you have fully checked out, you will get a link to download the full resolution files that have no copyright/watermark on them. You are free to use them or print them, but only for personal use, not for profit. Any other use requires permission from the photographer. NOTE! The more photos you try to download at once, the slower it can be. You can use the download code multiple times so don't worry about trying to get hundreds all at once. This could freak out your computer. 

If your cart does not go to zero dollars when you apply the coupon code, please check to make sure you have not selected photos from a game that does not belong to you. Your code only works for your teams games! Also check to make sure you only selected downloads and have not selected prints. You can purchase prints separately. Your coupon code is only good for downloads.


If you have any issues please email [email protected] and explain the issue you are having.